Die neuen Projekte für den Zeitraum 2019-2021

1. CONFOS:                      
11 Lehrpersonen beteiligen sich am Projekt


  1. Förderung des Mehrsprachenkonzepts
  2. Förderung der Europäisierung der Schule
  3. Verbesserung der Qualität des Unterrichts im Bereich der Didaktik


23 Mobilitäten von Lehrpersonen in Form von Fortbildungskursen, Sprachkursen und Job-Shadowings (Hospitationen an anderen Schulen).

2. STEPS4SCHOOLS-Sustainable Tourism Educational Projects for Schools

This Erasmus+-project gives us the opportunity to work together with schools from Bulgaria, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal and the Czech Republic for a two-years period from 2019-2021.

The project has one main vision – at the end of this Erasmus project all participating teachers and students are able to carry out projects to make the world better according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

Meeting Budweis

From 8th to 14th December 2019, six of our students participated in the first Erasmus+ STEPSCHOOLS students’ meeting in Budweis, Czech Republic.

During the week our students had the possibility to show the first part of their work to an international group of students and teachers. Also, our students developed new ideas in order to carry out the project.

The week was an exciting opportunity for our students; not only to work on their skills, but also to discover new cultures and ideas…. and of course to make new friends!