Erasmus+ Project: Steps4Schools online meeting from 15th – 19th March 2021

Erasmus+ Project: Steps4Schools online meeting from 15th – 19th March 2021


Erasmus+ Project: Steps4Schools online meeting from 15th – 19th March 2021


From 15th to 19th March 2021 our school joined an online meeting with our European partners from Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Due to the current situation (pandemic) the meeting, which originally was planned to be hold in Vidin, Bulgaria, was held online via Zoom. The organization of the meetings was done by the Bulgarian team, the specimen lessons were held by teachers from all participating schools. Our school was represented by Aurelia Schraut, Verena Kienzl, Polina Stebnitcaia, Leon Eberhöfer (all 3TS2), Alexa Pöhl & Thomas Trenkwalder (both 3TS1), Anna Sofia König & Maya Spitaler (bothe 4TS1), Amanda Angler (4TS2), Claudio Casaril (4TS3), Sara Steier & Evelyn Röggl (both 5TS1), Eva Egger & Ester Scala (both 5TS3).

Students were split up in international groups, discussed about their distance learning experiences, presented the progress of their sustainable tourism project and how they finished it. By presenting their work they could show that they are able to use correct business English, how they were following the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specify the kind of tourism project, how management steps were helping (or were confusing).

In order to improve their skills, students had trainings on presentations, business English, project management depending on what they needed to improve and to finish their project and a strong focus on using correct English and marketing terminology.

To promote their ideas students learned that advertising is not enough to push their products or services. They experienced a wide range of marketing techniques – from experiential marketing to viral marketing, word of mouth, etc. This enabled them to embrace new and innovative concepts, also with the help of digital tools to prepare their promotional activities.

It was strongly connected to the normal activities (the curriculum) at schools because they had been working on the project accompanied by their ICT-, English, business exercise or international studies lessons, deepening their topics and vocabulary. On top of that, it raised their motivation to learn.

After these activities students gained a lot of experience of situations in other countries (how students in other countries interpret sustainability – what is interesting and necessary for them?) and use ICT-tools sensibly.

But above all, getting to know students and teachers from other cultures was another important fact of this online meeting. Moreover, the Bulgarian hosts introduced us in a vivid way to the traditions and customs of their country.

Students and teachers of the participating school keep in touch until the next meeting in Portugal –  hopefully in person.